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Learn how to build emotionally-driven technology & campaigns

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Discover how to build emotionally intelligent websites, apps, content and campaigns based on psychology and neuroscience.

This class will transform your understanding of what emotions are, how they work and what shapes user decision-making and behavior.

The practical skills in this class focus on using emotional design strategies to fine-tuning your digital creative.

This workshop is for intermediate-to-advanced digital-media practitioners who are looking for deeper insight into the factors that shape user and consumer behavior.

We usually recommend taking DBC before this class, so check our course-selection advice on this course.

Skills and knowledge you’ll gain

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the spectrum of user emotions
  • Build emotionally intelligent technologies and campaigns
  • Predict users’ cognitive disposition and emotional needs
  • Craft messages that deliver emotional rewards
  • Evoke motivating stress while avoiding anxiety
  • Defuse potentially negative emotions before they explode
  • Understand what drains your users’ motivation
  • Conduct user research to optimize emotional impact
  • Build wireframes and mocks from psychology and neuroscience
  • Know which emotions to target to achieve different outcomes
  • Predict how people will react to various types of photos and images
  • Use personality neuroscience to build human-like brands
  • Build technologies that your users love


Over 2 days, we’ll cover:

Day 1

  1. Intro to emotional design neuroscience
  2. The emotion-behavior model
  3. Sense perception & digital triggers
  4. How users understand their digital experience
  5. Cognitive schemas & intuitive design
  6. How emotions work
  7. Irrational decision making
  8. Targeting habits v.s. intentional behavior
  9. Mental energy & cognitive load
  10. Designing within cognitive limits
  11. Defining & classifying emotions
  12. Mapping the spectrum of user emotion
  13. Rapid tools for measuring emotional impact
  14. Designing for emotions that drive behavior
  15. Dopamine-targeted design strategies
  16. Stress-based design & management strategies

Day 2

  1. Designing for social emotions
  2. Establishing authenticity & sincerity
  3. Digital body language & facial expressions
  4. Attachment anxiety & retention
  5. Digital ownership & territory
  6. Avoiding moral, disgust & fear backfires
  7. Social hierarchy emotions
  8. Design for pride & shame
  9. Empowering & disempowering users
  10. Digital respect & disrespect
  11. Gratitude & flattery in design
  12. Fairness & injustice in design
  13. Engineering high & low-status products
  14. Sex, love & parenting emotions
  15. Reinforcement learning
  16. Engineering emotional intelligence

Classroom vs. online editions

We offer this course in both classroom and online editions.
It’s also available in team training too.

Here’s how our classroom and online editions work.

Duration2 days10 hours of on-demand with 3-weeks LIVE-tutorials
Timing9:00–17:00 with 1 hour lunch and two 15 min breaksSelf-paced, but during the LIVE term, schedule 3-4 hours per week for video lessons and 1.5 hours for tutorials
Instructional hours13 hours, based on 6.5 hours of instruction per day4.5 hours of the live ABD tutorials help you apply the lessons from EDP

The workshop runs 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (but please arrive by 8:50 as we start at 9:00 sharp). There is a 15-minute break in the morning, an hour for lunch, and another 15-minute break in the afternoon.

We’ll provide all the training materials, so you’ll only need to bring a pen, some paper, and, if you’d like to participate in our live polling, bring a smartphone or tablet.

We’ll grant you immediate access to the videos as soon as you register, plus access to the waiting room for the upcoming LIVE tutorials.

You’ll have access to the lessons, and then we’ll start the behavioral design process during the LIVE training term.

Here’s what you get

Classroom training kit

  • Training guide
  • Reference manual
  • Workbook
  • Behavioral design templates
  • Wireframe kit

Online training resources

  • On-demand video lessons
  • LIVE tutorial recordings
  • Wireframe kit (mini)
  • Behavioral design workbook
  • Closed community
  • Cheatsheets

Ensure this course is right for you

If you’re interested in gaining a deep understanding of emotions and how they shape user behavior, then this class is for you.

You can take this class alone or as the complement to DBC, as they draw on different approaches to behavior change and focus on different hands-on skills.

The goal of this course is to deepen your understanding of what shapes user behavior from within, rather than using external behavior change techniques, which is what we cover in DBC.

For this reason, we do not recommend this course for beginners or people who are interested in learning foundational digital psychology. These groups will benefit more by taking DBC first.

Behavioral Design Certification - EDPC


After completing all modules, covering 13 hours of instruction over 2 days in class, or 3 weeks online, you will receive a certificate of completion.

If you wish to take the optional certification test to earn a “Emotional Design Psychology Certificate (EDPC)“, this will also put you on track to earn the “Digital Behavioral Design Certificate (DBDC)”.

Learn about your certification options.

Who this course is for

This class is suitable for:

  • Usability and UI/UX professionals
  • Graphic designers and interactive designers
  • Digital marketing and advertising specialists
  • Content strategists and web writers
  • Product marketing managers
  • Digital project managers
  • Health promotion specialists
  • Conversion optimizers & researchers
  • Entrepreneurs

Industries that will benefit

Our training attracts an eclectic blend of professionals from:

  • Technology firms, cloud services
  • Digital agencies, creative firms
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Government, health sector
  • Retail businesses, consulting services
  • Financial services, insurance
  • Media, gaming, entertainment
  • Telecommunications, infrastructure
  • Small businesses, freelancers, students
  • Academia, behavioral science, psychology

How students describe our training

I gained valuable insights that I can apply to landing pages currently in production. The context was very interesting, delivered in an easy to understand format and actionable.

Susan Oslin

UX Architect and Product Lead, ECO Auto Solutions

Brian’s expertise has given me not only additional tools to make my client’s campaign more successful. It’s helped me make my agency stand out in the world.

Philip Djwa

CEO, Strategist and Creative Director, Agentic Digital Media

We marketers cannot do our jobs successfully without psychology knowledge. Brian shares current research and examples that can be used in creating more impactful interactive messaging.

Debbie White

Creative Director and Principal, Frank + Candor

Meet your instructor

Brian Cugelman, PhD

With an extensive career running online projects and studies for industry, non-profit organizations, governments and the United Nations, Dr. Brian Cugelman has been working as an online behavior change specialist since 1997.

If you'd like to learn more, read Dr. Cugelman's bio or see what he has to say about the workshop in his own words.

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+1 (888) 977-2055
brian (at) alterspark.com


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