We offer two levels of certification for each course.

All students who complete our training receive a Certificate of Completion.

Those who wish to achieve formal qualifications and opt to write the online exams can earn their Certificate of Mastery.

Certificates of Completion

Our first level of certification verifies that students completed our classes.

Classroom completion is verified through attendance records, while online completion is verified through content completion logs.

When our records show someone participated but we cannot verify course completion, we issue a Certificate of Participation. These do not include the hours of instruction as this cannot be verified.

Students who complete our training can earn the following Certificates of Completion or Participation:

Completion Certificates

Coursework Requirements

Certificate of Completion - DBC

DBC Certificate of Completion

19.5 hours of classroom instruction or 15 hours of online lessons.

Certificate of Completion - EDP

EDP Certificate of Completion

13 hours of classroom instruction or 10 hours of online lessons.

ABD Certificate of Participation/Completion

Integrated into the classroom edition or online 13.5 hours of online lessons. 

To earn completion certification, students must complete all templates and submit a final prototype. Otherwise, certificates of participation are issued.

Certificates of Mastery (optional)

To demonstrate mastery of applied digital psychology and behavioral design, you can write the test to earn your Certificate of Mastery.

They are issued on successfully passing the written test with verification of course completion or participation.

All courses include 3 attempts to pass each test.

These are the 3 Certificates of Mastery:

Mastery Certificates

Test Requirements

Behavioral Design Certification - DBCC

Digital Behavior Change Certificate (DBCC)

Pass the 90-item test with a 60% passing grade.

Behavioral Design Certification - EDPC

Emotional Design Psychology Certificate (EDPC)

Pass the 60-item test with a 60% passing grade.

Behavioral Design Certification - DBCC

Applied Behavioral Design Certificate (ABDC)

Pass the 60-item test with a 70% passing grade.

Credential Registry

Each certificate is verified with a unique credential ID, course title, and issue date. Certified students receive a unique URL for sharing with employers or on LinkedIn.

Visit the registry:

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