What students are saying

By providing a solid foundation in design principles from psychology and neuroscience, Brian empowers you to build more effective and efficient design solutions. Engaging, Informative, interactive and immensely valuable workshop for professionals at any level.

Mike Nomura

Product Designer, Facebook

Brian’s workshop was great! Very informative and I look forward to any other workshops that will be coming up in the near future.

Nicola WIlliams

User Experience Designer, Expedia Canada Corp.

I greatly appreciated the content and the research that went into producing this coursework. I can find ways to use it immediately to make my work more effective.

Daniel Turman

Associate Creative Director, Salesforce.com Inc

This workshop helped me to gain more insight into becoming a better UX designer. The page audits are tremendous and the toolkit is something I will use on a daily basis.

Czara de la Llana

Senior Interaction/UX/UI Designer, Yellow Pages

Great workshop! ... We will start implementing some of the ideas in our projects.

Alex Aranda

Senior User Experience Designer, Samsung Electronics

One of the absolute best trainings I have had in years! I will never look at a site the same way again.

Laurie Spoon (Potter)

Communication Strategist, Kaiser Permanente

Excellent content. Applicable everywhere. Thank you.

Adam Dobrer

Business Experience Design Manager, Deloitte

This course covered fundamentals, and provided an in-depth understanding of many principles that need to be core to designing any product. It was great to attend this workshop- I learned a lot despite not having a psych background at all.

Archana J. Shah

User Experience Specialist, Lexis Nexis

As director of product, I felt it was important to learn about user behavior and psychology so I can create better and more successful products. This workshops was a great way to learn how to drive change and user behavior by better understanding how people's minds work.

Steve Pessah

Director of Product, American Kennel Club

Amazing content that allows me to truly appreciate the science behind design. I know feel empowered to push hard against the status quo.

Sharon Steel

Manager, Applied Innovation, Royal Bank

An invaluable course to understand and practically apply persuasive digital behavior principles and architectures. I will certainly be applying this knowledge to my work as an e-learning/UI designer.

Derrin Edwards

eLearning & UI Design Lead, Ericsson

This workshop is jam-packed with useful, practical information that I can apply to my work. The emphasis on principles rather than techniques means you can find a way to use this info, regardless of your field or role.

Sarah Maxell Crosby

Content strategy, Dartmouth College

I look forward to sharing what I've learned with my team and clients. The tools and approach are easy to grasp and apply in practical meaningful ways.

Sheila Mackenzie

Partner/Director of User Experience + Design, Spatial Research & Design

I learned amazing tools and techniques to connect with my users and get them to engage with my startup services. Humans are driven by emotion and I want our users to feel good using our platform.

Kevin Peters

Founder, Design & Culture Marketing Group

I learned amazing tools and techniques ... to effectively connect with my users and get them to engage with my startup services, Humans are driven by emotion and so I want our users to feel good using our device.

Sara Duke

Founder, cNanny

After the first day, I already had actionable ideas to use to improve my organization's website and the language and science to sell it to decision makers.

Morag Johnston

Digital Strategist

Usability & UI/UX Professionals

“Brian did a great job of presenting many interesting concepts backed by research.”

Shauna Gammon, Lead User Experience Designer/Product Manager, Ayogo

“Great workshop! I enjoyed the training and it was very useful. We will start implementing some of the ideas in our projects.”

Alex Aranda, Senior User Experience Designer/Manager, Samsung Electronics

“Brian really helped with illustrating persuasive design concepts and will help drive design decisions in the future.”

Robert Hendry, Product & User Experience Leader, Salesforce.com Inc

“Brian’s workshop taught me many valuable psychological and behavioral insights and patterns that will be able to immediately inform what I do as a design and user experience director.”

Rand Refrigeri, Director of Creative & User Experience, Rave Mobile Safety

“This was a great workshop. Brian is very knowledgeable and a great teacher. Concepts presented were intuitive and useful, both in long-term digital strategy and day-to-day practical application. Highly recommended!!”

Kevin Sheldon, User Experience Lead, PledgeMusic

“If you’re a UX designer this workshop is worthy to spend 2 days because you could find the principles behind what you’re doing every day.”

Siheun Cho, Senior User Experience Consultant, Scholastic

“Brian helped me to realize the importance of validation with web UI. To have reasoning for every aspect.”

Brenna Randlett, User Experience Designer, Yellow Pencil

“The 3rd day is a must if you want the full experience.”

Brenna Randlett, User Experience Designer, Yellow Pencil

“I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned with my team and clients. The tools and approach are easy to grasp and apply in practical meaningful ways.”

Sheila Mackenzie, Partner/Director of User Experience + Design, Niiu

“Brian’s workshop was great! Very informative and I look forward to any other workshops that will be coming up in the near future.”

Nicola Williams, User Experience Designer, Expedia Canada Corp

“I absolutely loved this course. Brian is so knowledgeable and thorough is his presentation. I definitely recommend this course. “

Aerin Mcgrath, User Experience Designer,

“A rich insightful and enjoyable workshop. I look forward to putting a bit of the knowledge into practice.”

Mark Stephenson, Creative User Experience Designer, PageCloud

“A great combination of grounded theory and applied methodology. Allows you to hit the ground running.”

Dawson Guibeault, User Experience Designer, The Globe and Mail

“Halfway through the first day, I messaged my manager and let him know I could already see how the material could benefit our work. Definitely worthwhile investment!”

Kelly Tyran, User Experience & Digital Technology Lead , Medavie Blue Cross

“This course is great and should be mandatory for every stake holder. Fundamental knowledge that should inform every interaction between company and it’s customers.”

Jeremy Oudit, Associate Director of User Experience, Squareknot Agency

“I learned how to design effective digital experiences built on scientific principles rather than thru guesswork”

Kayvan Mojtahedzadeh, User Experience Designer, Tata Consultancy Services

“This helps me to use language framework around psychology to convince myself /stakeholders why a certain page is a good design”

Mitali Kamat, User Experience Designer, eMeter Corporation

“I am thankful I took this course! I feel more confident of my designs now that I can integrate the digital behavioral science learnings. I know my organizations including my stakeholders will appreciate the psychological perspective.”

Coutney Escanio, User Experience Designer, Rodan + Fields

“Amazing course with tons of information to take home. This will definitely help me with future projects. Can’t wait to implement these new ideas! “

Jamil Bonnick, UI/UX Designer, Nuracode

“Taking this workshop gave me a practical set of tools I could apply tomorrow at work. It was totally worth taking a couple of days off!”

Dani Nordin, Senior UX Designer, Harvard Business Publishing

“I’m a designer, so rather than making things prettier it was great to see the facts and psychology behind it. Thanks Brian!”

Duygu Kalaycioglu, UX Designer, Penguin Random House

“Gained the skill of strategic high-level thinking of the every-day design tasks I might get boggled down with on a daily basis: Brian’s skills and experience is very helpful in framing the knowledge gained from principles learned.”

Clara Ghandour, UX Designer, Interaxon

“After taking Brian’s workshop, I’ll never look at user interfaces the same again. Deep examination of each component, the considerations therein, and how they work together has made me a stronger UX professional.”

Lou Tufillaro IV, UX Lead, SFW Agency

“A great class overall with very helpful skills and tips for successful UX/UI.”

Alejandro Carmona, UI/UX Designer, BCG Digital Ventures

“This workshop helped me to gain more insight into becoming a better UX designer. The page audits are tremendous and the toolkit is something I will use on a daily basis. Please offer more Los Angeles workshops, which I will definitely attend!”

Czara de la Llana, Senior Interaction/UX/UI Designer, Yellow Pages

“Insightful, useful and a refresher for anyone who is an advocate for user experience.”

Danny J Thompson, Senior UX Designer, BroadbandTV

“As an up and coming UX designer I found this workshop very useful to learn the core concepts on why users react in certain ways and techniques to guide a user in the direction of your desired goal.”

Holly Pousett, UX Designer, Baker Design

“This class/workshop is a perfect blend of gathering knowledge of design process and psychology principles. The toolkit that Brian put together is super handy and can immediate apply to our current workflow. “

River Chan, UX Manager, Albertsons Companies Inc.

“This workshop has helped me a lot to use these models and methodologies in my UX Design field. I can back up my design decision using psychology of behavior science as taught in this workshop.”

Meenal Sedani, UX Designer, ntelliMedia Networks Inc.

“This was a great workshop with great content that appeals to many (if it all) facts of product design and development. Excited to leverage this research towards designs that are not just innovative, but genuine and authentic to lasting enjoyable experiences.”

Josh Wyrtzen,, UX/Product Design, SeeClickFix

“Accurate, scientific and easy to follow.”

Kallirroi Pouliadou, UX Designer, Veryday

“Great workshops! Awesome instructor! “

Liying Zhu, UI/UX designer, IDT

“I love this course! I learned new skills and validated previous knowledge I had in behavioral design. Well worth it to take the course! Thank you Brian! “

Meghan Correia, UX Designer, Fishman Corp

“As a UX designer, much of what was presented was initiative. Now I know why!”

Naomi Marcussen, UX Designer & Strategist, Marcussen Design

“I gained valuable insights that I can apply to landing pages currently in production. The context was very interesting, delivered in an easy to understand format and actionable.”

Susan Oslin, UX Architect and Data-inspired Product Lead, ECO Auto Solutions

“Brian clearly has devoted many years to understand and cataloging the universe of research and practice around persuasive design. A must for anyone who wants to leverage design to drive behaviour.”

Abram Guerra, UX Designer, Product Manager, NYC Department of Education

“Brian has created an amazing curriculum/ foundation for 2 days and presents with expertise and humility. The quality of attendees was impressive, creating a full experience & practical applications 1 can immediately use.”

Paul Choi, UX Designer/Researcher, Web, Mobile, Branding, KPMG US

“Brian is steeped in both the theory and practical application of persuasive psychology. … Toronto is fortunate to have such a knowledgeable resource as Brian, and I highly recommend his one- or two-day sessions to digital media professionals who want to grow their subject matter expertise in the art and science of persuasive design.”

Judah J. Gould, Senior Product Manager & UX Lead, Storage Appliance Corp

“What a wonderful workshop and I wish workshop can do it in Japan to show it to colleague.”

George Lam, UX/UI Designer, Rakuten.com

“This workshop was the best one I have been at so far. You wouldn’t find things you learn hear at any university or college course.”

Soroush Eghbal, UX design, ARSO Automations

“An invaluable course to understand and practically apply persuasive digital behavior principles and architectures. I will certainly be applying this knowledge to my work as an e-learning/UI designer.”

Derrin Edwards, eLearning & UI Design Lead, Ericsson

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it was very well curated. Brian’s research and dedication to this subject shines through the course material and delivery. This course is very accessible, and enables anybody to successfully analyze and design more persuasive and influential digital content. The digital behaviour change toolkit provides a clear structure with which to understand psychological principles and design mechanics. What struck me most is that the psychological principles and architectures can be applied to such a wide range of digital platforms in order to create more persuasive products, including e-commerce websites, promotional videos, apps, e-learning design and user interface design. On returning to work I started applying the psychological architecture principles to my work, and very soon received positive feedback on the logic of my new found approach to design. “

Derrin Edwards, eLearning & UI Design Lead, Ericsson

“Attending this workshop was so exciting and re-energized my interaction design passion. Brian was so energetic and knowledgeable. I felt like I was receiving a 20 week course in 2 days. I can’t wait to apply these concepts in my work. Wish there was as a third day.”

Jen Van der Henst, UI Designer, ZipRealty

“This workshop helped me understand what techniques work and more importantly why they work within the field of user experience design & behavior change. Excellent workshop & enlightened.”

Dennis Castillo, Usability Designer, Canada School of Public Service

“I found the tone and content excellent! Excellent presentation and some very good information!”

Natalie Campbell, Web Designer, Department of National Defence

“All the knowledge I gained from the course will help me structure my work (process) immense”

Julia Van Arsdale, Lead Designer, BusinessBlocks

Digital Project Managers

“Brian’s workshop on ‘Health Behaviours Change Websites and Campaigns’ was extremely comprehensive. It was nice to attend a workshop that touched on so many evidence-based aspects of persuasion and behaviour change. From process to practice, this course touched it all. Looking forward to seeing future research from Dr. Cugelman.”

Jason Haug, Program and Project Management Officer/Project Officer, Ottawa Public Health

“Brian is very open and friendly, which makes the class environment very comfortable. His use of his life experiences makes the concepts relatable. “

Evelyn R. Evans, Project Manager, Intouch Communications

“I work in health promotions communication and found this workshop extremely useful. It gave me the recipes I can apply to cook up engaging and effective behavior change digital strategies. Would definitely recommend to other health promotion specialist.”

Jason Haug, Program and Project Management Officer, Ottawa Public Health

“Learned principles that can be applied immediately. The toolkit is very helpful. “

Karthik Vijyakumar, Technical Development Manager (Interactive), Cineplex Entertainment

“The class exposed us to thinking about concepts in a different, new way, and to employ and test concepts we learned, on our own website. “

Roaland Meyer, Senior Manager of Web Experience, Salesforce.com Inc

“Excellent content. Applicable everywhere. Thank you.”

Adam Dobrer, Business Experience Design Manager, Deloitte

“Very innovative! Brian’s workshop provided me with entirely new outlooks on UI/UX design and conversion optimization that I will be able to apply with my clients right away. Extremely valuable + easy to understand.”

Richard Estabrooks, Account Manager, Shopify

“Impactful and Innovative!”

Shawn Francis, Account Manager, Shopify

“If you work in design, e-commerce or anything in the digital world, you need to attend this course. Understanding why & how people interact with what you create is your job and is the future. “

Doug Crowe, Shopify Plus Account Manager, Shopify Inc

“The third day workshop took all the theory and put it into practice. The first 2 days were amazing and day 3 was like: go use this. It’s really valuable getting to see everyone implement what they learned. “

Doug Crowe, Shopify Plus Account Manager, Shopify Inc

“Amazing content that allows me to truly appreciate the science behind design. I know feel empowered to push hard against the status quo.”

Sharon Steel, RBC, Manager, Applied Innovation

“Love setting back to the basics, pen and paper to write by hand to truly implement the learning.”

Sharon Steele, RBC, Manager, Applied Innovation

“For me it’s a bit too hard in the beginning, but I enjoyed the 2nd day, since It’s give me more practice.”

Ezra Marcella, Deputy Business Development Manager, Enterprise, Djarum

“Great lesson I got with this training, I hope I can implement this correctly to my product.”

Michael Hioe, Deputy Business Development Manager, Enterprise, Djarum

“Brian is a true seasoned expert with both a theoretical understanding of behavior change & practical experience with digital products. I highly recommend this course.”

Patrick Metzger, Product Manager, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

“Love it! Taking the field of science and apply it to digital product development.”

Sharon Steel, Manager, Applied Innovation, RBC

“The workshop was fantastic. The findings were rooted in experimental studies which was really refreshing. I learned principles that could be applied immediately. Would loved if it was longer!”

Anne Barbeau, Jr. Account Manager, Kanetix, Ltd.

“Great Course! The Digital Behaviour Change Workshop changed the way I approach designing. By learning and focusing on the underlying psychological principles that make for effective sites and apps. Rather than purely on graphic design and page layouts, I see it all differently now: Its all about the ‘HOW’ and ‘WHY’, rather than the ‘WHAT’.”

Jamie Bluthardt, AEM Product Manager, Tier1CRM Inc

“This course was very intelligently organized. I feel I have many tools and strategies to return to work with. The content is really applicable to ecommerce optimization and backed up by interesting research. I also really enjoyed Brian’s teaching style- he made the content approachable.”

Monica Gault, Brand Design Manager, Poppy Barley Inc.

“Had a great session with Brian. Learned a lot about persuasive design that I was able to implement right away. Very practical examples that were easy to translate to our own experiences.”

Dave Montague, Manager, IT and New Media, Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants

“Had a great session with Brian. Learned a lot about persuasive design that I was able to implement right away. Very practical examples that were easy to translate to our own experiences.”

Dave Montague, Manager of IT and New Media, Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI)

“Great workshop! Highly informative. Brian articulates and organizes the Principles of Digital Behaviour brilliantly.”

Djen Choo, Creative Director, Mercatus Technologies Inc.

“Very refreshing to come to such of a mix of practical and advice grounded in theory and research. Can’t wait to implement what I have learned.”

Neil Hammond, Founder & Director, Learnbase Training Technology

“Without doubt one of the best courses I’ve attended in a very long time. Brian is extremely knowledgeable and provided many practical, real-world examples that can be immediately applied for direct results.”

Stu Hilditch, Managing Director, Industry Education Australia

“The workshop was a great way to consolidate and apply the principles learned on the two day course. Highly recommended!”

Danielle Cullen, Director , Industry Education Australia

“Day 3 was great and well worth it! The group exercises really help make the principles stick!”

Djen Choo, Creative Director, Mercatus Technologies Inc.

“Brian’s course is extremely well presented, comprehensive and offers lots of practical examples that can be directly applied to any business.”

Stu Hilditch, Managing Director, Industry Education Australia

“Brian’s workshop was a phenomenal introduction to digital behavior change. He gave a great in-depth exploration of the psychological principles, and led practical exercises that really clearly demonstrated how to put these techniques into practice. Would definitely recommend to anyone in design UI and marketing.”

Sean Boots, Director of Product, VOTO Mobile

“I enjoyed learning about the psychological techniques that can evolve emotions and behaviours from website copywriting, styles, influencing costumers to take desired actions online. The course used well researched theories case studies and visuals for a captivating learning experience.”

Debra Weinryb, Director & Content Creator, PEDAL Communications

“We marketers cannot do our jobs successfully without psychology knowledge. Brian shares current research and examples that can be used in creating more impactful interactive messaging.”

Debbie White, Creative Director / Principal, Frank + Candor

“Brains course.”

Barry Singleton, Director, IMC

“I gained a wealth of new knowledge that I can’t wait to implement into my work and design for years to come, the days went by so fast in a good way. Brian is knowledgeable, kind and very educational. Highly recommended.”

Robyn Murphy, Creative Director, Nutracelle

“I greatly appreciated the content and the research that went into producing this coursework. I can find ways to use it immediately to make my work more effective. Thank you!”

Daniel Turman, Associate Creative Director, Salesforce.com Inc

“As a Company Director of an organization with multiple ecommerce brands we have a number of websites, landing pages and ad campaigns to manage. The principles provided in this workshop have provided an invaluable framework for auditing what we have already and how we will design new materials moving forward.”

Danielle Cullen, Director , Industry Education Australia

“It’s hard to imagine someone more uniquely qualified and credible than Brian to guide on examination of where digital design principles and best practice for prompting behaviour change intersect.”

Ian Parker, Health Promotion Coordinator, Yukon Government

“Good course! Very informative. Lots of information. Thank you.”

Lori Balch, Provincial Injury Prevention Coordinator, Alberta Health Services

“As a behaviorist and researcher, it was an enlightening pleasure to find that Brian’s considerable expertise are well grounded in the scientific literature. I learned a lot.”

Laura Scrimgeour- Carter, , Community Programs Coordinator, BioRegional North America

“Psychological architectures gave me the tools and practice applying the skills from digital behavior change to achieve our goals for redesigning our website. “

Laura Scrimgeour- Carter, Community Programs Coordinator, BioRegional North America

“As the Social Media Coordinator for a nonprofit, I came into this job with not much knowledge on online advertising. This workshop helped me understand how to create better campaigns, reach my audience better and in different ways, improve team communication concerning website and marketing ideas. Overall, I learned a lot and can’t wait to apply it.”

Gabrielle Parent, Social Media Coordinator, International Rural Exchange of Canada

“I loved all the team exercises. It helped me apply what I learned right away and get it to stick in my mind better. I had a notepad during the course in which I wrote all these ideas that the workshop inspired me to apply in my social media campaigns in the future.”

Gabrielle Parent, Social Media Coordinator, International Rural Exchange of Canada

“Great balance of practical and theory on persuasive design of interactive media.”

George Paravantes, MFA IxD, Program Coordinator & Professor, Humber College

Behavioural Scientists & Researchers

“Brian is a true scholar in the field of digital behavior and psychology and does a wonderful job blending behavioral theory and concrete applications. “

Kevin Brilliant, Senior Manager of Business Strategy & Analytics , Chicago Bulls

“Had a fantastic time expanding on key concepts in psychology and how our business can apply them to product design. Brian is an engaging and funny teacher. Great was to learn.”

Erik Goyette, Researcher, PageCloud

“Brian does a phenomenal job of fitting a wealth of research into an intuitive framework that is easy to use and go back to. I think what I found to be most valuable in his training is having a framework for prioritizing designed decision. Highly recommend!”

Amna Kanoun, Behavioral Economist, Morningstar

“Great learning concrete applicable models
– felt like I would need more research exp/knowledge implement”

Stephany ZhaoUniversity of Toronto

Health Promotion Specialist

“Excellent course! Great information and content using real-life and practical examples. I would highly recommend it. “

Michelle Hakvoort, Health Promoter, Region of Peel

“A great practical two days where I have a much better understanding of why what I have done in the past has succeeded or failed. I’m not a designer but feel I will be better able to communicate what I want with my designers. I loved how Brian explains the necessity of integrating behavioral science with design.”

Christine Korol, Psychologist, Vancouver Coastal Health

“I recommend this workshop to every startup team. Let more practice from principles learn from psychological digital behaviour change.”

Thi Ngoc (Angie)Nguyen, Co-Founder, VIRCE

“Best workshop! It is a must if you want to do online marketing. Not just technique but backed with science.”

Jean Nguye, Co-Founder, VIRCE

“Best workshop for every marketers, CEO, Business leaders, Product designers who wants to understand emotional strategies to engage users to any products. A lot of exchange with great people. I recommend to everyone this workshop.”

Thi Ngoc (Angie)Nguyen, Co-Founder, VIRCE

“I learned amazing tools and techniques to employ to effectively connect with my users and get them to engage with my start up services, Humans are driven by emotion and so I want our users to feel good using our device.”

Sara Duke, Founder, cNanny

“Brian’s course was engaging and informative. He covered a lot of ground and spoke from a place of deep knowledge & experience overall, I’d definitely recommend!”

Diana Coote, Co-Founder & Designer, Onya Baby Inc

“Brian’s workshop was very engaging, easy to listen to, [with] interesting examples, visuals & clearly identified underlying principles, “ingredients” that illustrated the evidence-based content. I am packed full of great content that is very applicable.”

Karen Kuzmich, Rights Adviser, Ministry of Health

Graphic & Interaction Designers

“This course is a great reminder of the various factors to consider in persuasive design. What seals the deal, is how these factors have been formed into a tool for analysis, and structured around iteration for increased understanding over time.”

Robert Mackie, Senior Interaction Designer, Samsung Electronics

“Brian has provided me with a vast amount of knowledge about many of the tools and design components I use almost daily that I can apply immediately!”

Andrew McNamara, Graphic Designer, Studio Locale

“Great course! I’ve learned a lot of things I’ve seen doing for years, but now I know why I did them! Learning about structure and credibility and what is really engaging to target audience, opened so many different possibilities for me.”

Edis Kardumovic, Senior Graphic Designer, East Forest Homes Ltd.

“Your workshop was great! I’ve already implemented a few techniques that you covered during your presentations and we’ve seen great results. Thanks for the very informative 2 days!”

Sveta Fedarava, Graphic Designer, Intelex

“Definitely a great learning experience. Offers a standardized and full scope in the persuasive psychology element of the interactive and UX industry. Great networking opportunities.”

Tea Pajkic, Graphic Designer, Mediaplanet

“Amazing curriculum and great new knowledge, I can use in my research. “

Humberto Ramirez, Graphic Designer, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital

“The persuasive psychology for interactive design course taught me a lot of very valuable techniques to incorporate into my work. I appreciated knowing the science behind it and learning the practical applications.”

Christine Harris, Graphic Designer, Konverge Digital Solutions

“Brian is a great teacher. He presents the information and knowledge in a very accessible manner which is easy to understand and to apply. I feel that I have gained a wealth of knowledge that add an additional framework to my domain”

Javed Ali, Product Designer & Visual Storyteller, XD Studios

“The workshops give me a better understanding of human behavior and how I can leverage emotions to influence their behaviour.”

Javed Ali, Product Designer & Visual Storyteller, XD Studios

Content Strategists & Web Writers

“Eye opening / puts things into perspective. Help streamline process.”

Nadim Haddad, Digital strategist, Freelancer

“Brian does a fantastic job of bringing concepts from across domains and packaging them in an interactive, intuitive framework. I learned so much that I can implement immediately with my team.”

Rachel Weatherly, Digital Strategist, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

“This is valuable thinking that will surely benefit any marketer… and by that I don’t mean only creative –all stakeholders involved in a campaign or project lifecycle will benefit…(project managers, account managers, strategist, etc…)”

Klaus Heesch, Senior Digital Creative Director, The Gate Worldwide

” A very productive two days packed with concepts and ideas I can apply to my practice immediately.”

Mark Walton, Digital Media Consultant , Pat the Dog Theatre Creation

“Brian is great at breaking complex concepts down and helping you find ways to apply what you learned in his course.”

Eddy Widerleer, Digital Strategy, Team One

“This course was excellent. I run a company that sells products for web developers to optimize their site with minimal code. The skills I learned will help me both advertise my products and services better as well as make better, nice persuasive products for my customer. “

Christie Chirinos, Digital Project Manager, Ingot

“Actionable ideas that you can start implementing tomorrow.”

Eddy Widerker, Digital Strategy & Ad Tech Supervisor, RPA

“Brian is true professional in this field. He is very approachable and helpful when it comes to applying tactical ways for persuasive design”

Kiley Peters, Owner & Director of Digital Strategy, Brainchild Studios

“Loved the combination of cognitive science and UX design marketing principles. Brian is very engaging and delivers content with humor and eloquence. “

Michael McMahon, Business owner, Digital Strategist and web developer, Brightsite

“The course was very tremendously insightful. I’ve always known what works online, but know I know why. I’m now armed with tools to help me audit the work we do, ensuring that we’re delivering the best service for our clients. It’s also provided new ways to explain a strategy, wireframe or designs to clients, which has made convincing stakeholders that the approach we are taking is correct so much easier. Highly recommended.”

Jeremy Oudit, Director of Digital Strategy, Grassriots

“I learned a lot from the workshop and am using a lot of the knowledge I gained in my daily duties at Toastmasters. “

Marcos Escutia, Digital Content Producer, Toastmasters

“The one thing I would have wanted to know is that this course is largely focused on the healthcare industry. Other than that it was an informative course with group exercises. “

Taylor Fargey, Digital Strategy, Hitfar

“Brian has deep knowledge rooted in practical experience that can help anyone interested in developing thoughtful and persuasive web products.”

Raphael Lopoukhine, Digital Engagement Strategist, Public Works and Government Services Canada

“Excellent, very deep level review of motivators and distractions of users to supplement testing and research. “

Mary Kennedy, Director, Experience Strategy, Salesforce.com Inc

“Brian’s presentation was excellent both in the way he presented a complex and timely topic as well as in his presentation technique. Kudos!”

Robin Macrae, Internet Strategist, Information and Workspace Architect,Workspace Builders

“This workshop is jam-packed with useful, practical information that I can apply to my work. The emphasis on principles rather than techniques means you can find a way to use this info, regardless of your field or role. I look forward to returning to work and sharing this information with my team.”

Sarah Maxell Crosby, Content Strategist in Web Services, Dartmouth College

“In a world where implementation tactics reign supreme, Brian takes the time to break down what drives these tactics and their success. I’m excited to apply these principles to access new avenues of conversion.”

Bert Roling, Lead Site Strategist, Single Throw Internet Marketing

“Great overview course on the psychological principles driving digital behavior. Has provided fantastic insight and frameworks that will help us create more effective sites and experiences.”

Annie Bedard, Strategy Director, Critical Mass

“Brian did a great job of laying out the core principles of behavior change in a way that makes it clear and easy to apply to my online marketing efforts.”

Nedra Weinreich, Behavior change strategist, Weinreich Communications

“This course is a classic example of “news you can use”. Every module was valuable and applicable to my work immediately. Thanks!”

Melissa Reilly, Brand and Communications Strategist, Booz Allen Hamilton

“Excellent, fun, informative workshop. I would highly recommend it!”

Hayleigh Wronski, Strategist, Secret Location

“Brian’s expertise has given me not only additional tools to make my client’s campaign more successful. It’s helped me make my agency stand out in the world.”

Philip Djwa, CEO, Strategist and Creative Director, Agentic Digital Media

“Brian is the behavioural scientist of the highest order. His workshop is rich in theory & applications and any one who is interested in understanding digital marketing from one of the best should take this workshop.”

Farzad Sedghipour, Behavioral Researcher / Strategist / Futurist, FarzadInnovation

“One of the absolute best trainings I have had in years! I will never look at a site the same way again. This will make my relationship with my web designer more collaborative and gives me a better understanding of how to ensure my websites are most compelling and effective.”

Laurie Spoon (Potter), Communication Strategist, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan

“Thank you for sharing your expertise! A very comprehensive and engaging workshop on the psychology behind digital behavior change. Highly recommend. “

Kayle Robinson, Technical Writer, Freelancer

“This is one of the only workshops I’ve attended, on any topic, that has given me practical skills and tools I can apply in my role as a professional communicator.”

Chris Sulymka, Communications Coordinator, University of British Columbia

“Thanks for helping us to move the knowledge level to the next level.”

Marjorie Henderson, Communications Coordinator, Alberta Centre for Injury Control & Research (ACICR)

“This training was fantastic in its breath of content. It was very comprehensive and smart; very ambitious in its distillation of relevant materials, research and best practices. It is a helpful course for non-profits, campaign developers, and anyone hoping to create engaging digital content for social change.”

Andrea Gundaj, Communications Specialist, Metrac

“This intensive course runs the proverbial gauntlet of key principles in building persuasive websites and apps. Equipped with tried and tested theories, Brian’s unique approach is scientific, trustworthy and most of all, highly applicable for any digital marketer.”

Chryslyn Pais, Independent Communications Consultant, Freelance

“If you’re interested in finding out the psychological reasons behind your stakeholders’ beliefs, attitudes and behaviours, this course is for you.”

Rachel Nicole, Corporate Communications Officer, Ornge

“The persuasive design course was very engaging from beginning to the end. A lot of good examples and ‘recipes’. The toolkit is very useful when building wireframes. Can’t wait to start applying these theories to my next project! “

Swidja Nikke, Communications Advisor, Government of Canada

“Brian Cugelman unveils the emotional and psychological forces that affect low people engage with technology and digital interaction.”

Ibrahim Ng, Communications Coordinator, Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto

“Excellent workshop!”

Parm Gill, Multimedia Technical Specialist, Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC)

Product Marketing Managers

“I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to have participated in Brian’s workshops. They have inspired my understanding of persuasive marketing and have helped me advance many projects. I appreciated the opportunity of hands-on exercises during the sessions to affirm the learnings.”

Cheryl Ayres, Web Marketing Manager, American Sentinel University

“The workshop was amazing. A lot of this stuff may be common sense but understanding the science behind is powerful. At the end of the day your takeaways from this workshop will depend on what you want to learn. Definitely recommended for all digital marketers and UX/UI designers.”

Ria Riaz, Community & Marketing Manager, Right Sleeve Marketing Inc

“Participants at any level of digital marketing expertise will get value out of this class.”

Emily Stone, Senior Partner Marketing Manager, Microsoft

“Practical and scientific and easy! Brian shares his knowledge with great sense of humor. I learned a lot and put many things in perspective.”

Ruchika Anand, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, IEEE Media

Everyone else

“As a software dev I tend to overlook a lot of elements but this workshop forced me to closely inspect the placement of elements and the purpose behind them.”

Samson Kirk-Koffi, Lead Developer, Ap1

“Brian’s workshop on persuasive design in the real deal – the information is solid and backed up by tons of research and all of it is actionable.”

Christine McGlade, Founder, Analytical Engine Interactive

“As a digital marketer with experience in conversion rate optimization, this workshop helped me gain insight into user behavior, psychology – especially how to motivate, influence user confidence.”

Danielle Butera, Head of Client Services, Single Throw Internet Marketing

“I very much enjoyed the workshop. It was very interactive, the material was explained in very ……….. detail, and the exercises helped to clearly memorize the theoretical material. Nice examples, very illustrative material, and a nice attitude and warm atmosphere throughout the entire workshop. Great Work!”

Eshka Mmetl, Developer

“I found Brian’s knowledge and expertise refreshing and a perfect mix of quoted research and real life examples. Very thorough programming and helpful details for everyday life.”

Nicole Whittle, VP Acceleration, IMC Brands Applied

“What a fantastic workshop. I believe it is the most valuable course I’ve taken in my career to date. Dr. Cugelman covers a huge amount of ground from a variety of angles in a way that’s engaging, easy to understand and enjoyable. From understanding audience motivators, to auditing existing pages and designing new ones. I’ve gained a large arsenal of new tools to optimize websites and apps, as well as the scientific evidence to persuade stakeholders of proposed changes. Thanks!”

Ann Mayer, Editorial Specialist, CIBC Strategic Initiatives

“The psychological architectures workshop is a great continuation of the core principles course – learned a great deal about the practical applications.”

Ann Mayer, Editorial Specialist, CIBC Strategic Initiatives

“Thank you Brian, very beneficial!”

Jill Mugge, Owner, The Marketing Group

“This class answered a lot of questions I couldn’t find satisfactory answers anywhere else. I also enjoyed the networking side of the workshop as well.”

Laura Young, Co-founder, X2X Community

“Brian is an engaging speaker and personality. His expertise and works come to bear in the class, as well as his accessible demeanor. Thank you so much!”

Ryan Muff, Web Developer, Washington State Department of Transportation

“I am so glad I signed up for this workshop. I feel like I gained lots of knowledge and learned about tools I can apply in my daily work. I met professionals with interesting stories and questions. I really enjoyed Brian’s workshop.”

Annett Forcier, Freelance Email & Web Developer, Freelancer

“This workshop gave me insights and inspiration. Loved every minute of it and will use a lot of material from it. Brian is a profound researcher and motivator.”

Daniela Kaneva, Cross-cultural advisor, Itim International

“Opened my eyes to multiple blind spots in our current strategy.”

Paul Katcher, Creative Lead, Cognitio Corp

“I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn certain mind triggers to influence your target audience. The principles and techniques will give you another thought process on how to approach your project after attending, another part as your brain will open up. “

John Spruill II, Data Analyst, Booz Allen Hamilton

“This workshop will be helpful to our team as we move forward automating our analytical offerings and creating dashboards customized for our clients.”

Olga Stepanova, Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

“I loved the social aspect of the workshop and meeting the rest of the participants, plus I learned a lot!”


“Dr. Cugelman distills the plethora of fundamental psychology principles for behavior change into a discussion centered on digital media. The result is an actionable toolset valuable for any level of expertise. “

Ashton Thomas

“Brian was very knowledgeable, smart and witty while explaining to the group. His teaching will further enhance me when creating new developments.”

Matt Moreno

“I learned more in 3days than I did in an average university course.”

Janac Meena, Student, Univeristy of Ottawa

“A refreshing look at the under pinning’s & influence for web 2.0, engaging and informative.”

Paul de Zeeuw, Webmaster, City of Kamloops

“It’s been super helpful in our work with clients to bolster our ideas with the research backed approach & science that Brian offers. “

Phillip Djwa, CEO, Agentic Communications Inc

“After the first day, I already had actionable ideas to use to improve my organizations website and the language and science to sell it to decision makers.”

Morag Johnston, MJC, Design Strategist

“I learned a great deal of knowledge on behavior change models that will help me design more targeted products.”

Anna Roza Tamas, VP-Product Design, Newtopia

“Brian creates an open environment in which you feel comfortable showing ideas, thoughts & questions. He is great at sharing new concepts and frameworks.”

Sophia Saunders, Designer, Bay Street Labs

“Very well researched, scientific approach to thinking about the customer journey and designing for the best result. “

Vicky Zhao

“I enjoyed the range of examples and relation to emotions. The range of history with psychological design and literal emotional responses.”

Willie Maglothin, Creative Developer, Simpleview Inc

“I think those are deeper connections between a user and a website. I think this is helping to bridge the gap.”

Willie Maglothin, Creative Developer, Simpleview Inc

““Very informative and engaging… Can’t wait till next year””

James Davis, Self Web producer

“Email you testimonial later after more thorough thoughts and review of material learned. “

Hoang Nguyen, Founder of Mentorem, Mentorem

“Great insight into why users do what they do!”

Lizzy Bentley, Principal, Story by Design

“Great insight, highly actionable.”

Tracy Bugh, Founder/CD, Civil Agents

“Loved creating wireframes and learning conditions and habit forming”

Jon Gauthier

“Awesome workshop. Highly recommended.”

Candrie Li

“Brian was an amazing course instructor and delivered an excellent workshop. I’m excited to bring the new knowledge and skills I’ve learned, back to my job. I look forward to hearing about future workshops”

Donna McTeague

“This workshop helped me gain a new understanding of how we can design to maximum our brand and provide a much more positive user experience for our customers and members. “

Erin Andersen, ,

“Great course to learn the basic principles of applying psychological theory to the practice of website design”

Jenn Green

“I found this course really interesting and fascinating and what triggers people actions emotions leaning how to design behaviors he for conversion was upbeat. “

Jon Gauthier

“I attended the 2 day workshop, only regret was that I didn’t sign up for day 3. Great learnings that I can actually use and toolkits and templates to support me in the workplace. Worth the investment of time and money. “

Lori Frante

“Very nice training session. Dr. Cugelman has a knack for explaining dense material in a single manner. Psychology is everywhere humans are, and those principles can be adapted to a multitude of seemingly unrelated situations. All that time reading a ton of publications to trace out details was worth it. “

Nicholas Fortin

“Excellent, detail-packed workshop filled with plenty of practical real-life examples from online and previous work – the insights, tips and tricks that Brian covered have already influenced the way I look at digital channel communications, and have given me the tools to improve the quality of both my clients and my own promotional media. “

Ruth Zuchter

“Amazing content. You will love it and you can apply all you learned immediately.”

Tiago Vansconcelos

“Fascinating concept that can be applied via marketing automation platforms to B2B marketing and sales processes.”

Dan Radu, Marketo Certified Expert, Macromator

“The workshop gives me a different perspective that I believe will greatly impact my work!”

Jennifer Torres

“This Was an incredible workshop! Would definitely recommend to all those who need to create online content that actually makes an impact on a targeted audience.”

Sofia Stefou, Chief Development Officer, On Brand Video

“Brian Neuro Motivators workshop was compelling, well structured and thorough. I can now design and deliver content strategy better than before, in order to drive influential websites, apps and campaigns. Thank you Brian for a Brilliant Experience!”

Farzad Sedghipour, Economist / Futurist / Design Researcher, FarzadInnovation

“Brian is a great instructor and you can feel his excitement when he teaches. I have learned a lot of invaluable knowledge that I will apply directly to my work.”

Kevin Peters, Founder, Design&Culture Marketing Group

“This is the best visual design workshop I have attended out of several I have attended over the years. It provides visual, graphic designer with the tools and evidence to validate their intuition.”

Michael R. Beglay, Student, The University of the Arts

“Brian does a wonderful job of translating contemporary academic and neuroscience research into insights. Designers can apply to creating products people love. ‘Psychology for Digital Behaviour Change’ is a super power for product designers.”

Michael Yap, Founder, Exoatmospheric

“Examples of live sites were really useful. Diff techniques, web user behaviour was useful. Good examples all around. Informative workshop.”

Mujvran Sive

“I had a fabulous full day learning how to understand and improve a product, market and work with people better. I think I even understand myself more now. Thank you.”

Sheen Hunter, Master Maid, SeattleFreeze Cleaning Crew

“Brian Cugelman’s workshop was informative and enlightening. The information presented gave a larger sense of behaviour at humanity cross-culturally, not just in the digital space but in regards to overall emotional needs.”

Erik Bjarnason, Web Designer, The Proactiv Company

“This is a great workshop that brings taxonomy and clarity to ideas that most people only understand on the basic level of ‘I’ know it when I see it! “


“This course provides a lot of insights into the psychology of the human-technology interaction.”

Michael Lee

“The information taught was easy to digest and I cannot wait to apply the knowledge I have gained into the workplace.”

Nathan Deslippe, Sales Representative, MLD Solutions Inc.


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