Self-paced training

Our self-paced classes are great if you prefer flexible training that fits any schedule.

But what’s better are our training packages that combine self-paced learning with LIVE instructor-led online classes. These offer a great blend of convenience and personal support.

To enroll, see our courses and training package.

Enjoy self-paced training that’s convenient and flexible

Learn our program at a comfortable pace with mini-lessons and design exercises.

Complete our program in a few days or over several weeks. If you need a refresher, rewatch those lessons any time.

Our self-paced training is organized, intuitive, and practical. Dr. Cugelman like to have fun, and our students say they like the humor.

See examples of our self-paced lessons

Want to see how we teach online?
Here are some of Dr. Cugelman’s lessons.

DBC: Motivational gateway
EDP: Human-Computer Relationships
DBC: Scientific Versus Industry Models
EDP: Cute Aggression

How we teach self-paced lessons

Bite-sized mini-lessons

Enjoy modules with 10-minute mini-lessons that allow you to complete our program in bite-sized chunks.

Handy print materials

You’ll get cheat sheets, downloads, and other behavioral design publications. We recommend printing these out as handy references to help you learn the material.

Infographic lessons

Rather than explain concepts with long lectures, we use lots of visuals to explain ideas. Our slides and handouts are largely infographics built from scientific studies.

A bigger picture perspective

Dr. Cugelman is known for his research on merging different behavioral science fields into a simple unifying system. You’ll get a bigger picture perspective that cuts across many fields and is presented in simple, down-to-earth terms.

Creative science

Not many people realize it, but evidence-inspired design is a creative act that’s similar to a game of improv. People are normally stiff at first, but we’ll help you loosen up and enjoy the science-inspired creative process in a fun way.

Experiential learning

Rather than tell you about psychological concepts, whenever possible, we’ll lead you to experience them. Seeing is believing. There’s no better way to make the principles stick.

Flexible online schedule

We offer a flexible approach to online training,
with serval strategies to help participants fit our training to their schedule.

Have a demanding schedule? Complete our training at your own pace.

Prefer a fixed schedule? Complete everything in 9 weeks straight.

Find more about our scheduling on the ABD page,
but here are answers to some common questions:

Q. How much time should I allocate to the class?

A. Depending on your preferences, you can pick your own pace. If you complete the video lessons before joining the LIVE tutorials, you’ll have a more relaxed pace. Or you might decide to complete our entire system in 9 weeks straight. Or you can dive into the LIVE tutorials, learn the hands-on part, then complete the lessons on your schedule. To learn more, visit the ABD Scheduling Section.

Q. What if something comes up and I can’t make the live term?

A. We value in-person learning and want you to make it through our LIVE training. But if the timing becomes too problematic, let us know. We’ll gladly move you to any future term. If you can’t make a few classes, let us know and we’ll prioritize giving you feedback.

Q. How does the schedule work when blending video lessons with tutorials?

A. You can complete DBC and EDP on your own schedule. However, our LIVE ABD tutorials run on a fixed 9-week schedule, several times each year. The ABD page lists different schedules that you can use to participate in our video classes and LIVE tutorials. In all cases, we’ve kept it flexible so you can find the schedule that best fits your needs.

Q. What if I miss a particular live tutorial?

A. All live sessions are recorded. If you have any scheduling conflicts, just send your questions to our private group in advance. We’ll cover your questions in the live session, and you’ll get the feedback in the recording.

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