This page contains an overview of our enrollment process, fees, payment options, and other related issues.

Enroll by training format

When you enroll online, in class, or through corporate training, there’s a slightly different process.

Here’s how they differ:

Online Enrollment

Our online training is hosted in the learning platform Teachable. After enrolling, you’ll get instant access to the online classes and you’ll find instructions for joining our LIVE tutorials.

Classroom Enrollment

Our classroom enrollment is run through Eventbrite. After enrolling, you’ll receive your ticket and logistical details.

Tuition fee overview

Our tuition fees depend on the course and format. This table provides an overview.


Online training packages


 Digital PsychologyEmotional DesignBehavioral DesignDBCEDPComplete
ABD Process9 weeks
LIVE ABD tutorials
9 weeks
LIVE ABD tutorials
9 weeks
LIVE ABD tutorials
ABD integrated
in exercises
ABD integrated
in exercises
ABD integrated
in exercises
Timeframe15 hours 10 hours25 hours3 days2 days5 days
Access3-years *3-years *4-years *   
  $499 $399 $649 $799 $599 $1,248 

* We extended online course access by 1-year for all packages on 13 April 2023.  

Corporate training fees

If you have a team of 10 or more employees, we offer team training, design sprints, and hybrid educational-prototyping workshops.

Our per-person fees start around 25% below our public rates and then drop lower as your group size grows larger. We also offer packages, to keep our pricing simple.

You’ll be in good company. We’ve trained teams at the headquarters of Microsoft, Salesforce, Accenture, Samsung, Discover, and various governments, including the Government of Canada and the Dubai Government.

We compete on both quality and price.

Email us ([email protected]) if you’d like to speak with Dr. Cugelman to learn more. He looks forward to meeting you.

Reduced tuition fees

Want to lower your tuition fees? Here are a few ways:

Early enrollment deals (15% +)

Early enrollment helps us better plan our time. That’s why we typically offer lower tuition fees long in advance of our training. These change over time, so snatch them while you can.

Apply for a promo code (10-15%)

We offer promo codes for students and those working in the nonprofit, government, or education sectors. And yes, you can stack these reductions—which means you can get both the early bird and student rate stacked on each other. Apply for your preferred rate.

Get the group rate (15%)

Those wishing to learn as a team of 3 or more persons, can save 15% with our group promo code. You can stack it on top of the early bird rate too. Apply for the group rate.

Cryptocurrency discounts (30% +)

We offer better rates to students who enroll with cryptocurrency. If you’re crypto-friendly, visit our shop for our competitive early adopter’s rate. 

Alumni Discount (30%)

If you’ve completed our classroom training and wish to complete the same course online or vice versa, we offer a 30% reduced tuition. To claim this, contact us.

Social-change scholarship (free)

Every so often, we offer scholarships to people focused on using technology to promote a better world. We typically focus on special issues, such as the fight against COVID-19, health, the environment, and more. Please note: Dr. Cugelman spent most of his career working as a social-change specialist and impact evaluator for the United Nations, so we scrutinize every application to ensure we support people who are truly supporting the world. See if you qualify.

Ask your company to pay

Employers typically cover the cost of training for their staff. Request approval from your boss with our training request template. Just download it, adapt it, and send it off.

Write off the business expense

If you’re with any business, write off the tuition fees as a tax-deductible expense. We issue formal receipts and offer tax documents for US and Canadian businesses.

Alternative payments

Online payment systems don’t work for everyone. If you have any issues, reach out and we’ll organize another payment method to get you enrolled.

Here are some of our many options:

Alternative payment gateway

It’s common for online payment systems to reject legitimate transactions for no apparent reason. If you have any problems with our enrollment system, send us an email with your name, address, and the course you wish to attend. We’ll apply the best-qualifying promotion and send you an alternative payment option.

Wire transfers

If you need to make a wire transfer, send us your name, any organizational details, and the course you wish to attend. Then we’ll send you the wire instructions and we’ll be set.


We’re crypto friendly. If you wish to enroll with any popular cryptocurrency, let us know. We’re good with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the popular coins. We’re not yet accepting NFTs or CryptoKitties. But if your cat is adorable, let’s talk. Be warned, receipts for cryptokitty payments may specify payment of “a blue cat with crazy eyes”. 

Visit our shop for crypto payment options: https://shop.behavioraldesign.academy

Cut your paperwork

If your bureaucracy is making enrollment difficult, or you need special paperwork to get reimbursed, let us know ([email protected]).

We have several workarounds, and here are the most common:

Formal invoicing or procurement

If you require enrollment to go through your procurement department, we’ll accommodate this. In some cases, we would just issue a formal invoice to you. In other cases, we can complete the transactions with your finance department. Though each request is unique, typically it looks like this: first, you or your procurement department should send us the exact organization’s name and address to appear on the invoice, along with the course details for the enrolling person. We’ll find an alternative payment method, and once complete, we’ll issue course access codes. If you are concerned about timing, speak to us and we’ll sort that out too.

Proof of participation

If you need proof of participation, completion, or variations on your receipt for particular reporting, let us know. We have several support documents that we only issue if requested. Let us know, and we’ll help you out.

One invoice for many people

Since we provide better rates for groups, you might find it easier to make one payment rather than pay for each colleague separately. If you wish to get a bulk rate, speak to us. We’ll cut your paperwork and issue access passes so each of your colleagues can enroll on their own.

Tax documents for AlterSpark USA and Canada

The Behavioral Design Academy is run by AlterSpark, which operates in the USA and Canada under two separate legal entities. Both share the same trade name “AlterSpark.” In the USA, our legal business name is “AlterSpark LLC.” If you need our W-9, just ask. In Canada, our legal business name is “AlterSpark Corp.” If you need our CRA business number, we’ll send it over.

Proof of payment

When you enroll online, you will receive formal receipts. However, if you require any special format, let us know. If you need a formal invoice, proof of payment, tax statements, etc., send us your enrollment details and business address so we can provide a formal invoice on our corporate letterhead. Let us know if you require anything special added to it.


We wish our tax collection requirements were simpler, but unfortunately, we didn’t write the laws.

Our obligations to collect tax shift depending on where we train, where students live, whether it’s online or classroom training, and whether we’re teaching through our Canadian or US corporation. It’s a bit crazy.

So that we stay as transparent as possible, when you enroll, you’ll see any tax obligations upfront. However, here’s an explanation of the tax obligations we’re obliged to follow.

Jurisdictions with global online tax laws

For nations that enforce tax on online products (such as the European Union), our educational platform automatically charges tax and remits those taxes to your national tax collection agency.

No tax for Canadians when our US company runs online training

When our US company runs our online training (when we’re predominantly present in the USA), then our US corporation has no obligation to collect tax from Canadians.

Tax for Canadians when our Canadian company runs online training

When we run online training through our Canadian corporation (and we are primarily working from our Canadian office over the LIVE term), we are only obliged to charge Canadian tax to Canadians based on their provincial residence. This will be made explicit on enrollment.

Canadian tax on classroom training

For any class run inside Canada, we are obliged to collect tax according to the province in which we train. Those visiting Canada to attend our training can normally claim back this tax when leaving, but check with the government to be sure.

Cancellations & postponements

In the event that something comes up and you’re unable to attend a class, we offer several options for you to obtain a refund, transfer your ticket, or shift your seat to a future date or alternative venue.


If you wish to cancel classroom training two weeks before the start, you will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations within two weeks go down as we move closer to the training date, but you will always have the option to move to a future date. For online training where students are granted full access to our training system, there is a shorter 48-hour cancellation policy. See our guarantees and terms for the exact details.


If something comes up and you can’t attend our classroom or LIVE tutorials, let us know. We’ll move you to any future date. We’re flexible.

Guarantees & Terms

For details on our terms and conditions, see our official Guarantees & Terms page.

Have any questions?

See our FAQ for new students.

Contact us: [email protected]


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