Interactive Behavior Change Model

We are pleased to introduce the Interactive Behavior Change Model (IBCM 8.0). This model integrates principles of behavior change from neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral science into a cohesive behavioral meta-theory.

With its broad and application-agnostic nature, the IBCM 8.0 provides valuable insights into the mechanics of behavior change, elucidating how it operates, and presenting an alternative perspective on why various behavior change models may or may not prove effective.


IBCM 8.0 is versatile, serving as a behavioral system suitable for education, research, analysis, intervention design, and implementation across diverse technologies. It is particularly relevant in the realm of self-adaptive systems that are operated by rule-based engines or artificial intelligence (AI). 

Whether you are a researcher, educator, or technology enthusiast, you can leverage the insights provided by the IBCM to understand behavior change.

This model empowers you with a deeper understanding and a structured approach to studying and implementing behavior change strategies, especially in technology-driven environments.

Dr. Cugelman is in the process of putting the model into the public sphere, which was the original plan over a decade back. We’re publishing the system now in the scientific literature, and we will release the full suite of tools in advance of the book launch.

All students who have access to the current system will receive updates first. 

Connect with us for updates.


Learn about the IBCM, and how to survive the insanity of behavioral science

Interactive Behavior Change Model: The Backstory

Cugelman, B., & Stibe, A. (2023). Interactive Behavior Change Model (IBCM 8.0): Theory and Ontology. In International Conference on Mobile Web and Intelligent Information Systems (pp. 145-160). Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland.


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