LIVE online group training

Our LIVE online training provides classroom-like learning in an online group environment.

You’ll join a cohort of students as we work through the behavioral design process, core lessons, and exercises that help you internalize the content.

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Enjoy classroom-like virtual learning

Deepen your insight and skills in applied psychology, in an online group with fun PhD-level instructors.

We invite students to keep their camera and mic on, join group exercises, design challenges and ask questions at any time.

If you want to speak with your instructor, we stick around after each class and schedule time to speak with students.

How we teach LIVE online groups

LIVE online coaching

Our LIVE group classes guide you through group exercises, psychometric polls, and our behavioral design templates.

Step-by-step design

We’ll guide you step-by-step through our behavioral design templates and canvases. This will help you move from theory to practice.

Feedback on your prototype

Want to prototype a product? Bring it to the tutorials, and we’ll give you feedback as you go from concept to research to behavioral design to specifications, prototyping, and testing.

Interactive lessons

To help you develop deeper insight, you’ll join anonymous psychometric polls, discussions about behavioral impacts, and various exercises around psychology-inspired design and analysis.

After class support

We stick around after each online tutorial for flexible open time. Typically, we go into depth on participants’ work, cover any questions, and go over anything you need us to cover.

Private community

Get access to our private community for support, questions, and anything that comes up.

Behavioral science software

You’ll gain access to our marketing-segment and persona software, which makes predictions about the best psychological strategies to use on your audiences.

Simulated scientific studies

We get you fully engaged in the lessons by replicating classic psychological experiments in the lessons. We won’t tell you when they’re coming, because experiencing a psychological effect is far more effective than being told about it.

Product-focused psychology

All examples focus on the psychological strategies driving digital products. Egs include pricing tables, checkout processes, opt-in pages, navigational systems, and much more.

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