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Master behavioral science

This card deck is part of the Digital Behavioral Science training system. Use our cards to develop your skills in applied behavioral psychology, inspire your next interactive design project, or rethink your upcoming digital marketing campaigns.

Audience impact cards

These cards show the different types of impacts that you can make on your target audience. You’ll have to develop unique psychological strategies for each impact area.

Psychological design cards

These cards contain the behavioral psychology principles that you will use most of the time. They’re structured within the interactive influence model, showing their domain and when relevant, their parent category.

Emotional design cards

Each card provides a distinct emotion along with its quadrant within the Cugelman emotion map. Use each card as a motivator, reinforcer or both.

Audience reaction cards

These cards simulate how audiences are reacting to your latest designs. To pass, shuffle the cards, draw the top one, and roll two six-sided dice between the numbers on the card.


All cards are based on Dr. Cugelman’s Digital Behavioral Science educational system.
Use the cards to reinforce your learning, or to inspire your next behavioral design project.

Educational Games & Design Challenges

We teamed up with Dr. Chandross to develop educational games and behavioral design challenges, to help you get the most out of the cards.

Use them to simulate the behavioral design process, inspire creative solutions, or to get your team thinking out-of-the-box.


Dr. Cugelman and Dr. Chandross first develop these cards, along with a series of educational games, to help our students develop judgment in applying behavioral psychology to digital strategy and interactive design.

Special thanks to Joshua Jia, Rena Cugelman and hundreds of students who helped us fine-tune this deck.