Displaying your credentials

Sharing your verified credentials is an excellent way to showcase your achievements in digital psychology.

Our credential portal provides a unique Credential ID as validated proof that you achieved the requirements for our certification program.

If you wish to showcase your accomplishments, here are some quick ways to share your credentials:

Add to LinkedIn

Add your credentials to LinkedIn in under 5 minutes by following these steps:

  1. Log into LinkedIn.
  2. Go to https://certification.behavioraldesign.academy and find the credential you wish to share.
  3. Go to the widget “Add to LinkedIn” and click the link “Add to profile”. This pops up a modal for you to add this credential to your LinkedIn profile.
  4. Manually select our school’s name to ensure it’s officially linked to the credential. Also click on “Certification doesn’t expire”. There may be errors depending on your browser, so double check the details. Then hit “Save”.
  5. LinkedIn doesn’t broadcast new credentials, so find the widget link “Share in LinkedIn Feed” to celebrate your glory.

Add to your profile

To feature your credentials on your personal website or blog, you can use your unique credential URL or iframe.

To get started, find your certification record (https://certification.behavioraldesign.academy) and copy the link that’s listed in the section, “Add to Profile”.

To clarify, the Credential ID listed on your certificate contains the same unique code in your credential’s URL. This gives each of your accomplishments both a unique and verifiable ID and URL location. Your credential URL follows this structure:


If you wish to embed your certificate image, use the iframe available in “Embed this credential”. This is an example of what it will look like with the bolded part featuring your credential ID:

<iframe src=”https://certification.behavioraldesign.academy/http_public/credentials/cert_completion_dbc_your-credential-id.png” width=”600″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> </iframe>

Add to your resume

When adding our credentials to your resume, the format is up to you. However, here’s a common format that you may wish to use:

Credential: Applied Behavioral Design Certificate (ABDC)
Credential ID: https://certification.behavioraldesign.academy/credential/your-credential-id
Achievement date: 27 Jan 2020
Issuing Organization: Behavioral Design Academy of AlterSpark