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The most comprehensive training on applied digital psychology, developed over 10-years in small classes.
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Educational Bundles

Fall Term (Oct-Dec 2020)
Our educational packages offer the best learning experience with a combination of theory, applied learning and optional certification.
After registering, you'll get instant access to DBC, EDP or both.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ABD fit with the other courses?

ABD is our hands-on lab where you’ll learn how to apply everything that you’ve learned in DBC and EDP. Specifically, in ABD you’ll learn a step-by-step design process for applied psychology. In DBC and EDP, you’ll learn the strategies that matter in applied psychology. Together, you’ll learn the principles that matter and how to apply them. We want you to develop brilliant ideas that you apply brilliantly.

What if I can't attend the upcoming LIVE term?

If you have a scheduling conflict, move to any future LIVE tutorial at no cost. We're flexible even if you have to reschedule midterm or significant life changes stop you from completing the LIVE tutorials during your 2-year access. However, if you wish to learn the subject properly, we encourage you to pick a term and stick to it.

What if I can’t make the exact time of day for the LIVE tutorials?

We have several students who complete our LIVE ABD tutorials, even though they can’t attend the exact hour. To participate outside the tutorial time, just send your questions to the community or share your work for inclusion in the tutorials. During the LIVE tutorials, we’ll provide feedback to you. We post each LIVE tutorial 1-2 days after, so you can follow along when convenient.

When do I get access to the class?

You get immediate access to our on-demand courses: DBC and EDP. They cover the core lessons in digital psychology and the neuroscience of emotional design. ABD is our LIVE 8-week tutorial that we run about 4 times per year. By enrolling now, you can complete the course at a comfortable pace and join any upcoming LIVE ABD terms.

Can I register late?

On LIVE tutorials, we’re flexible with late registration for 1-week. Since we record each tutorial, there’s still time for you to watch the intro tutorial and get caught up. If you miss the late registration deadline, you can still sign up any time and get access to our on-demand training. Then join any upcoming LIVE term, which we run about 4 times per year. 

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