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How our program works

Our educational program combines classes into training packages.

Online, you’ll enjoy a mix of self-paced learning with LIVE group tutorials. This helps you quickly learn the core principles and hands-on skills.

In the classroom, you’ll learn through a combination of lessons, design challenges, and experiential learning.


See the courses which we combine into training packages.

Psychology for Digital Behavior Change Training

Psychology for Digital Behavior Change (DBC)

Our foundational course covers the essentials of digital psychology to help you build better products and campaigns.

This is the starting point for most students.

Emotional Design Psychology Training

Color Psychology for Behavioral & UX Design (CBX)

This class teaches you how to build better technology by harnessing the psychology and neuroscience of color.

You can take this class any time.

Emotional Design Psychology Training

Emotional Design Psychology & Neuroscience (EDP)

EDP focuses on behavioral design with strategies inspired by the neuroscience of how emotions drive online behavior.

It's best if you start EDP after DBC. But you can still start here.

Psychology for Digital Behavior Change Training

Applied Behavioral Design (ABD)

This tutorial class coaches you, step-by-step, through the behavioral design process. You'll learn through hands-on design challenges as we build a psychology-driven product.

We recommend that all students complete this course.

Classic Behavioral Science

Made fun and intuitive!

People learn better when they’re having fun.

We’ve spent over 12 years optimizing our system to evoke curiosity, boost engagement, and help students appreciate why psychology matters.

Our scenario-based learning games help you develop judgment similar to a highly-qualified behavioral scientist.

While our behavioral design challenges will build your skills in using behavioral insights to build creative products.

Our training will transform your understanding of human nature and what it means to build amazing products. It may even change how you understand yourself.

Upgrade your credentials

We offer two types of certification, with a unique credential ID and URL that proves you met the criteria.

Behavioral Design Certification - DBCC

Certificates of Completion

Certificates of completion provide validation that you completed our training, issued automatically after verified course completion.

Certificates of Mastery

Certificates of mastery provide verifiable proof that you understand the key principles. Each course includes two attempts to pass the test.

What students are saying

Great workshop! ... We will start implementing some of the ideas in our projects.

Alex Aranda

Senior User Experience Designer, Samsung Electronics

Brian’s workshop was great! Very informative and I look forward to any other workshops that will be coming up in the near future.

Nicola WIlliams

User Experience Designer, Expedia Canada Corp.

An invaluable course to understand and practically apply persuasive digital behavior principles and architectures. I will certainly be applying this knowledge to my work as an e-learning/UI designer.

Derrin Edwards

eLearning & UI Design Lead, Ericsson

I greatly appreciated the content and the research that went into producing this coursework. I can find ways to use it immediately to make my work more effective.

Daniel Turman

Associate Creative Director, Inc

This workshop helped me to gain more insight into becoming a better UX designer. The page audits are tremendous and the toolkit is something I will use on a daily basis.

Czara de la Llana

Senior Interaction/UX/UI Designer, Yellow Pages

By providing a solid foundation in design principles from psychology and neuroscience, Brian empowers you to build more effective and efficient design solutions. Engaging, Informative, interactive and immensely valuable workshop for professionals at any level.

Mike Nomura

Product Designer, Facebook

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