Joshua Jia

Personality Specialist

Joshua Jia is a personality specialist with a decade experience in personality assessment, counselling, and public education for personal and professional development.  

Joshua has a unique expertise in applying personality insights to applications in crisis prevention, fostering healthy relationships, and to business applications covering organizational dynamics, team building, and managing interpersonal conflict.  

He spent several years working with FPA, China’s largest personality system, developing content and running large-scale public education programs.

In AlterSpark, Joshua works in several capacities, in our public education, and then research and development around personality neuroscience and predictive modelling. He is our domain expert in personality and human resources, and domain expert on the major personality systems used in industry.

In his prior career, Joshua earned a BA in Film Arts and worked as a documentary TV editor for 3 years (which he totally hated), but is still nice enough to help us with our video production.

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