Build a tested product in 4 days

Behavioral Design Sprint

Why spend months building products the old way, when you can innovate your ideas faster using a behavioral design sprint?

In this page, we’ll tell you how it works.
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So, what is a “design sprint”?

Design sprints were developed by Google Ventures as a proven way to innovate a promising prototype in just 4-days. It’s a political-savvy group process that leads to results, fast. It’s how serious innovation happens.

And a “behavioral design sprint”?

When you mash up behavioral science with a design sprint, you get a behavioral design sprint. In other words, it’s when you add standard behavioral science practices into a design sprint, such as behavioral insights, behavior change models and more.

Why do a behavioral design sprint?

You’ll use it when you need to innovate a new product. Instead of spending months in drawn-out projects, you can roll out a fully tested hi-fi prototype in 4 days. This means you save both time and money. They’re also fun.

What does a sprint look like?

Sprints typically take 4 days, but some go to 5 days.

Your sprint week looks like this:


Define the challenges, behavioral science models and possible solutions.


Evaluate solutions and vote on the best option. Then storyboard it.


Build prototypes and get ready for user testing.


Run user tests with real humans, and then use the feedback for planning the next step.

What you’ll get

By the end of the week, you’ll have a validated prototype that shows whether the idea is viable, not viable or needs modification.

You’ll know where you stand. If it’s a success, that’s wonderful. If not, you’ve failed fast and so can adapt quickly. But more often, it’ll be close and just need modifications. Regardless, the process will move you forward extremely fast.

You’ll also get your team to build their skills in applied behavioral science, which is a great long-term benefit of working with us.

You’ll also have hi-fi prototypes that look and feel like the real thing and that you can use to move your project forward.

Gallup found that companies outperform their peers by 85% in sales growth and 25% in gross margin, just by applying behavioral economics.

Put another way, companies that do not use behavioral science are underperformers.

Why blend behavioral science with a design sprint?

Implement the right psychological model into your app, and you’ll boost the odds of success. Implement the wrong psychological approach, and you’ll risk blowing time and money.

With our behavioral design sprint, you’ll have seasoned behavioral scientists to guide your team at those critical junctures and bring a psychological toolkit throughout the entire journey.

Why AlterSpark and a behavioral design sprint?

  • We’re eclectic behavioral scientists who use the best tools for each challenge, with a flexible approach.
  • Because every problem requires different psychological solutions, our reputation for broad behavioral science expertise is perfect.
  • If you already have in-house behavioral scientists, we can adapt our approach to their behavior change approach.
  • We have experience with many behavior change approaches, but our niche is using behavior change psychology in technology.
  • We’re solid on science and flexible in application.
  • And did we mention we’re fun too…

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