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Blended online learning

We want you to have a great online learning experience

That’s why we take a blended approach to our online training.

Our online training system blends on-demand lessons with LIVE tutorials, testing, and much more.

This section provides an overview of how we teach online.

Our online courses

The online edition of our training blends our two on-demand classes with live hands-on training and support.

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then join our next LIVE term to learn the hands-on part.

Psychology for Digital Behavior Change

Psychology for Digital Behavior Change (DBC)

Learn the core principles in digital psychology and behavioral design.

Emotional Design Psychology & Neuroscience

Emotional Design Psychology & Neuroscience (EDP)

Learn the neuroscience emotions that drive online behavior.

Applied Behavioral Design (ABD)

Learn to apply everything covered in DBC and EDP through this 9-week LIVE coaching tutorial. ABD is included for free with all online training.

Not sure which course to take? Here’s our advice.

How we teach online

Our online training blends several teaching strategies to help you learn both theory and practice.

Here’s what you’ll get through our online training:

25 hours of mini-lessons

Enjoy 25 hours of mini-lessons broken into 10-minute chunks. DBC comes with 15 hours, while EDP has 10.

9 weeks of LIVE coaching

During the 9-week LIVE tutorials, you’ll learn through group exercises, psychometric polls, working through our design templates, and lots of other goodies.

Step-by-step design process

We’ll guide you step-by-step through our behavioral design templates. This will help you connect the dots between theory and practice.

Support & feedback

During the LIVE tutorials, our team is on hand to answer your questions and share our perspective. If you share your work during our tutorials, we’ll give you feedback on it.

“After school” support

We stick around after each online tutorial for flexible open time. Typically, we go into depth on participants’ work, cover any questions, and go over anything you need us to cover.

Feedback on your prototype

Want to prototype a product? Bring it to the tutorials, and we’ll give you feedback as you go from concept to research to behavioral design to specifications, prototyping, and testing.


You’ll get cheat sheets, downloads, and other behavioral design publications. We recommend printing these out as handy references to help you learn the material.

Behavioral science software

You’ll gain access to our marketing-segment and persona software, which makes predictions about the best psychological strategies to use on your audiences.

Private community

Get access to our private community for support, questions, and anything that comes up.

Flexible online schedule

We offer a flexible approach to online training,
with serval strategies to help participants fit our training to their schedule.

Have a demanding schedule? Complete our training at your own pace.

Prefer a fixed schedule? Complete everything in 9 weeks straight.

Find more about our scheduling on the ABD page,
but here are answers to some common questions:

Q. How much time should I allocate to the class?

A. Depending on your preferences, you can pick your own pace. If you complete the video lessons before joining the LIVE tutorials, you’ll have a more relaxed pace. Or you might decide to complete our entire system in 9 weeks straight. Or you can dive into the LIVE tutorials, learn the hands-on part, then complete the lessons on your schedule. To learn more, visit the ABD Scheduling Section.

Q. What if something comes up and I can’t make the live term?

A. We value in-person learning and want you to make it through our LIVE training. But if the timing becomes too problematic, let us know. We’ll gladly move you to any future term. If you can’t make a few classes, let us know and we’ll prioritize giving you feedback.

Q. How does the schedule work when blending video lessons with tutorials?

A. You can complete DBC and EDP on your own schedule. However, our LIVE ABD tutorials run on a fixed 9-week schedule, several times each year. The ABD page lists different schedules that you can use to participate in our video classes and LIVE tutorials. In all cases, we’ve kept it flexible so you can find the schedule that best fits your needs.

Q. What if I miss a particular live tutorial?

A. All live sessions are recorded. If you have any scheduling conflicts, just send your questions to our private group in advance. We’ll cover your questions in the live session, and you’ll get the feedback in the recording.

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Enroll Now (Online Training)

After enrolling in our online training, you’ll get instant access to the video lessons.
Each training bundle includes 9 weeks of ABD tutorials.
Once enrolled, you’ll see the sign-up sheet to join the ABD tutorials.

Psychology for Digital Behavior Change (DBC)

USD $499

15 hours of on-demand DBC lessons

9 weeks of LIVE ABD tutorials

3 psychological design guides

12 behavioral design templates

Private support group

DBC & ABD Completion Certificates

DBCC & ABDC Mastery Certificates

2 years unlimited LIVE tutorials

2 years access to all updates

2 years behavioral science software

Emotional Design Psychology (EDP)

USD $399

10 hours of on-demand EDP lessons

9 weeks of LIVE ABD tutorials

2 emotional design guides

12 behavioral design templates

Private support group

EDP & ABD Completion Certificates

EDPC & ABDC Mastery Certificates

2 years unlimited LIVE tutorials

2 years access to all updates

2 years behavioral science software

Complete Package (DBC & EDP)

USD $798 Save $100

25 hours of on-demand DBC & EDP lessons

9 weeks of LIVE ABD tutorials

5 design guides

12 behavioral design templates

Private support group

DBC, EDP & ABD Completion Certificates

DBCC, EDPC & ABDC Mastery Certificates

3 years unlimited LIVE tutorials

3 years access to all updates

3 years behavioral science software

Looking to enroll in classroom training? Visit DBC or EDP.

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