Classroom and online enrollment

We use different enrolment methods, depending on the type of training you wish to take. Here are the three modes.

Classroom enrollment
Registration for classroom training runs through Eventbrite, where you can enroll online. After completing the process online, you’ll receive your course confirmation and the logistical details.

Online enrollment
Registration for online training runs through AlterSpark’s student portal. After completing the registration process online, you’ll receive immediate access, along with your training confirmation and logistical details.

Promo codes + early bird

Lock in early – SAVE 10-36%

Not only do we believe in accessible pricing, but your early registration helps us to better plan our classes.  For this reason, we offer promo codes that you can combine with our early bird rates.

Since there’s a discount on discount, this table shows you your total savings depending on when you register.

Eligible categoriesRegular savingsSavings + 
Early Bird
Savings + 
Super Early Bird
Non-profit organizations10%24%33%
Students (with ID)15%28%36%
Group of 3 or more15%28%36%

Alumni promos

  • All alumni get a 15% promo code for any training 
  • Classroom to online promo:  Completed a classroom course, get the same online course at 60% off.
  • Online to classroom promo: Completed an online course, get the same classroom course at 30% off.

Claim your promo code

To claim your promotional code, just send an email to team@alterspark.com. Please use your organizational or university email address, tell us which code you qualify for, and specify the city where you’d like to attend.

Cutting your red tape

If it’s a challenge for you to attend because of red tape, we have several workarounds to help you out. Below are our most common red-tape solutions. If you can’t see what you need, reach out (team@alterspark.com) and we’ll sort it out. 


Get your boss’ approval

Save time with our training request template! It’s yours to download, adapt, and send off.


Payment workarounds

If institutional policies are making it difficult for you to order tickets, or PayPal is mysteriously rejecting your transactions, let us know. We’ll use a method that works for your organization. 


Proof of payment

If you need a formal invoice, proof of payment, tax statements etc., send us your ticket number and formal business address so we can send you a formal AlterSpark invoice.


Proof of participation

If you need special paperwork to prove you attended or educational details like instructional hours etc., let us know. 


Proof of AlterSpark’s legal status

We’re registered to do business in the USA and Canada under two separate legal entities that share the same tradename “AlterSpark”. In the USA, our legal business name is “AlterSpark LLC” and if you need our W-9, just ask. In Canada, our legal business name is “AlterSpark Corp” and if you need our CRA business number, we’ll send it over.

Cancellations & postponements

In the event that something comes up and you’re unable to attend a class, we offer several options for you to obtain a refund, to transfer your ticket or to shift your seat to a future date or alternative venue. 


If you wish to cancel classroom training two weeks before the start, you will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations within two weeks go down as we move closer to the training date, but you will always have the option to move to a future date. This does not apply to online training, as participants gain instant access. See our cancellation policy for details. 


If something comes up and you can’t attend our classroom or LIVE tutorials, let us know. We’ll move you to any future date.

Fine print

Terms and conditions

To ensure that you have a great experience after registration, our guarantees and our terms & conditions provide you with flexible options.

Canadian tax

We’re obliged to charge provincial tax on Canadian classes, which varies depending on the province.

Have any questions?

Need a hand?

We’re happy to help out: team@alterspark.com