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Preferred Tuition

Apply for preferred tuition

We offer lower tuition fees for different groups. To keep the deal sweet, you can stack promotions. This means that if you qualify for a 10% promotion and there’s a 25% super-early bird deal, we’ll give you both promotions at the same time.

If you fit our qualifying groups, complete the form, and we’ll review your application. If you prefer email, use [email protected].

Qualifying persons
We offer reduced tuition fees for:

  • Academics: 10%
  • Nonprofit organization staff: 10%
  • Students (with ID): 15%
  • Group of 3 or more: 15%
  • Any of our alumni: 15%

How to apply
Apply with your organizational email address. After submitting the form, we’ll review your application and get back to you immediately.

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