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Psychology for Digital Behavior Change (DBC)

DBC is our foundational course covering behavioral science from a psychological perspective. You’ll learn the core principles of applied digital psychology, over 50 scientifically proven principles, and develop critical judgment on translating psychology into digital products, services, and campaigns.

What's included?

  • 15 hours lessons
  • 7.5 hours LIVE tutorial 
  • 140 short lessons
  • Private community access
  • 2 year membership
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Mastery


We recommend this course as the starting point for most participants.

 Bundle price

Get this course in our DBC or Complete Package, which also includes the LIVE ABD Tutorials and optional certification.
Meet YOUR instructor

Brian Cugelman, PhD

Dr. Cugelman is a specialist using psychology and data science for digital products.

He has authored over 25 scientific and industry publications. Brian has spoken at MIT, the University of Toronto, Johns Hopkins, numerous industry conferences, and even did his token TEDx talk.

Thousands of students have completed Dr. Cugelman’s training on how to use digital psychology. His students come from Samsung, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, and more. 

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Dr. Cugelman, your course instructor