Color Psychology for UX & Behavioral Design

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LIVE & On-demand | 23 May – 15 Aug 2023

About this class

Learn how to build harder-hitting digital products, campaigns, and brands with color psychology.

This 12-week class combines weekly lessons and LIVE tutorials, online support, and a visual design toolkit.

Our lessons will help you understand the physics, neuroscience, and psychology of color through intuitive, visuals lessons.

To help you internalize the content, join the LIVE tutorials for discussions, experiential exercises, and how-to sessions on building behavioral science inspired websites, apps, and marketing content.

This course is for UX, product, and interactive designers. It’s also for behavioral designers and scientists, looking to sharpen their digital psychology edge.

12-Week Schedule

The tutorial dates are fixed, but we expect the module start/stop dates will shift based on student feedback.

1. Behavioral design & the color psychology toolkit23-29 May 202330 May 2023
2. Light and color physics made simple30-May –  5 Jun 20236 Jun 2023
3. Interactive exercises6-2 Jun 202313 Jun 2023
4. Color systems & technology13-19 Jun 202320 Jun 2023
5. Solar cycles and healthy light20-26 Jun 202327 Jun 2023
6. Controlling user attention27 Jun  – 3 Jul 20234 Jul 2023
7. Designing instant comprehension4-10 Jul 202311 Jul 2023
8. Data visualization color principles11-17 Jul 202318 Jul 2023
9. Neurobiology of color and emotion 118-24 Jul 202325 Jul 2023
10. Neurobiology of color and emotion 225-31 Jul 20231 Aug 2023
11. Emotional design color strategies1-7 Aug 20238 Aug 2023
12. Conscious behavior8-14 Aug 202315 Aug 2023
Close. Trustworthy brands14-21 Aug 202322 Aug 2023



LIVE Tutorials in Zoom

  • Dates: 30 May to 15 Aug 2023
  • Days: Tuesdays @ 13:00-14:00 EST *
  • Platform: Zoom

Weekly video lessons in YouTube

  • Dates: 23 May to 14 Aug 2023
  • Times: Usually 13:00 with some variation
  • Platform: Brian’s YouTube channel

Who should attend

  • UX Designers
  • Product Designers
  • Behavioral Designers
  • Interactive Designers
  • Data Scientists & AI lovers

How this class works

This class runs across multiple platforms and consists of weekly video lessons and live tutorials. Students will receive feedback in both the video lessons and tutorials. We will upload the visual design toolkit just before the start date, and students can stay connected on our school page on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Here are the details for each component of the class:

1. Weekly video lesson on YouTube

During the term, we will launch weekly modules with weekly lessons on Brian’s YouTube channel. We will finalize the publishing schedule after discussing this with the class.


2. Weekly LIVE tutorials in Zoom

Our LIVE tutorials take place in Zoom, lasting one hour, with open discussions after. These tutorials reinforce the video lessons with interactive exercises, learning games, psychometric color studies, and other fun activities. Dr. Cugelman prefers a noisy class, so keep your camera and mic on. And if you have any questions, comments, or design challenges, we hope to hear from you.


3. Personal feedback and support

Feel free to add your thoughts or questions on the lessons in the comments section. However, to keep this training manageable, Dr. Cuglman needs to focus on the topic that we’re currently covering. So if you’re keeping up with the schedule, we’ll make responding to you a priority. There’s some flexibility here, but in general, we’ll prioritize responding to video lessons in the first 7-days after publishing.


4. Design resources

There is a toolkit of design resources that comes with this class. However, just before the term starts, we will upload the latest edition of our toolkit. We’ll notify everyone when this happens.


5. Official class announcements

Dr. Cugelman prefers to tailor each term to students. Also, this is a new training format, so we expect to adjust it along the way. For this reason, please monitor or subscribe to our official channels for class updates in LinkedIn and Twitter.


  • Apps
  • Websites
  • Marketing
  • Algorithms
  • Accessibility
  • Neurotechnology
  • Data visualization
  • Information architecture
  • Light-emitting technologies

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Brian Cugelman, PhD

Brian Cugelman, PhD

With an extensive career running online projects and studies for industry, non-profit organizations, governments and the United Nations, Dr. Brian Cugelman has been working as an online behavior change specialist since 1997.

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