We don’t list academics as a target group because the focus of this workshop is more on knowledge translation from science to practice. Because of this, statistics, research methodology discussions, lit. review references, and other academic sources have been cut out, and the content has been boiled down to what works. It’s all science based, but presented in an extremely comprehensive and simple format so non-academics will grasp the information and take away solid, practical suggestions, and methodologies.

Despite the fact what have simplified the content’s academic roots, we are proud to have had quite a lot of success teaching academics who appreciate the comprehensiveness of our literature review, the simplification of the technical jargon, and applications of behavioral science to interactive media. We’ve trained the team of academics behind Intervention Mapping at the University of Texas and Health Promotion Experts at the University of Alberta. We’ve also received major endorsements from the Editor of the world’s top scientific e-Health Journal, the Journal of Medical Internet Research. Moreover, we’ve trained leading authors and academics who specialize in the application of science, and we have received invitations to speak at York University, University of Toronto, Johns Hopkins University, and MIT.