Our ABD tutorials cover the hands-on part of the lessons taught in DBC and EDP.

Complete our training system in different ways—according to your learning goals and schedule.

We know what works best for most students, so here’s what we recommend:

Schedule 1. Start the video lessons now, then join our next LIVE term
If you complete all the video lessons before the term starts, you’ll enjoy a more relaxed pace of 2–4 hours a week during the LIVE term. Students typically complete the video lessons anywhere from a few days to a few months.

Schedule 2. Complete everything in 9 weeks
Schedule 6–8 hours a week over the 9-week term to finish everything in one shot. We’ve listed the core video lessons you need to watch to get the most out of each tutorial.

Schedule 3. Jump into the LIVE tutorials first, then catch-up on the video lessons
Prefer to dive in and complete background lessons later? Join our ABD tutorials first and slowly go through the video lessons at a flexible pace of 2–4 hours a week. While you may not get as much out of the tutorials with this approach, you will get more out of the lessons later on, with clarity on how the lessons translate into practice.