Massive Updates 2019

I’m thrilled to announce several massive updates for our training system:

  • You’ll go step-by-step through the behavioral design process across all classes
  • If you bring a project to class, you’ll leave with prototypes
  • We’ve merged DBC1 and DBC2 into an ultra hands-on course called DBC
  • All students get behavioral science software, that shows you how to nudge users
  • Our online and classroom courses are virtually the same, so you can mix modes

Here’s what’s up:

Psychology Digital Behavior Change (DBC)

‘Psychology for Digital Behavior Change’ is now a 3-day course that’s more hands-on than ever. It blends the old DBC1 and DBC2 into a single class, where we’ll guide you through a behavioral design sprint to ensure that you can apply everything you’ve learned.
Over the years, we’ve found that the more we move between lessons and practice, the better the learning outcomes. However, we’ve taken this to the next level by interweaving an entire behavioral design process while better aligning the key lessons in psychology relevant to those design steps, so that you’ll internalize the material in a profound way.
The new format is more engaging, leads to better learning outcomes and will teach you a design process that you can bring back to the office and apply immediately. And, if you like, you can also leave with design specs and wireframes.
Here’s what you get in the new Digital Behavior Change (DBC):

  • Step-by-step behavioral design process across the entire course
  • Design templates you can use in your next project
  • Shorter modules broken into mini-lessons
  • Scenario-based games to improve your applied psychology judgement
  • Cheat sheets and desk references
  • Persona SPARK behavioral science software, with nudging strategies
  • Our same classic content, but updated

Emotional Design Psychology and Neuroscience (EDP)

We’ve also updated Emotional Design Psychology and Neuroscience with a number of new neuroscience insights, expanded content and a revised hands-on focus.
Plus, we’ve divided the hands-on skills across both classes. While DBC is more about the process and key hands-on prototyping skills, EDP will go into more about emotionally intelligent fine-tuning. Think of it like this. DBC gives you the broad-strokes for prototyping while EDP goes into polishing the details.
What’s new in EDP:

  • New modules
  • More personality neuroscience content
  • Focus on focused emotional strategy
  • Focus on fine-tuning visual and editorial content
  • Emotional design scenario-based learning games
  • Persona SPARK behavioral science software, with emotional bias maps
  • Our same classic content, with several updates

Now offering blended learning online, in the classroom or both

We’ve aligned our online and classroom training to offer the same content and behavioral design support. And your time commitments are almost exact. Our 5-day classroom training will take you 5 weeks to complete online during our LIVE tutorial sessions.
Want to take blended classes by combining online and classroom training? No problem. The two versions run slightly differently, so reach out to us and we’ll set you up.
All students get behavioral science software – FREE
The reason why I have no life, is that we’ve spent the last three years bootstrapping behavioral science software. Our new tools help you define your target audiences and personas. And then things get ‘funky’… the software suggests the best combination of psychological strategies for you to use and the best emotions to target for each of your audience groups.
You’ll learn which psychological strategies work best and which might backfire. You’ll also learn which emotional motivators your audiences feel strongest about and which they’re immune to.
Then you’ll learn how to design psychological and emotional strategies that are sensitive to different audiences, with some fun challenges that we like to throw in.
No course in the world offers anything like this.

If you like, leave our training with prototypes*

If you have a big idea, project, or something your boss wants you to build, or if you want to get the most out of the new format, we invite you to bring a project to the class.
Why? You’ll leave with a full set of psychology-driven design specifications, strategies, and lo-fi prototypes. If you also take the EDP course, you’ll move closer to hi-fi concepts, with lots of fine polishing.
Our goal is to have every student gain experience in the entire behavioral design process so they can carry out an entire psychology-driven design project, from start to finish.
* I don’t want to cause any potentially mistaken expectations, so let me clarify what you’ll leave with. This is not a hackathon or full design sprint; it’s a class on applying behavioral science to interactive design. The design process will help you reinforce the ideas, empower you to apply them, and get you comfortable with the process. For this reason, you’ll advance your prototypes through quick exercises – not full-time building. Nonetheless, you will build and drive whatever you’re working on, forward, with a radically new perspective.

Implications for all current students and alumni

Here’s an update on all major changes and how we’ll roll them out:
Current ticket holders for DBC1
All students who currently hold a 2-day DBC1 tickets will receive a free upgrade to the 3-day edition. This only applies to current ticket holders or anyone who deferred their DBC1 course to a future date.
Current online training students
We are merging DBC1 and DBC2 into a single course. The order of the lessons will change, but all the content will remain. As we extend the online training content, you will gain access to more educational material.
Certification testing
For certification testing, we will maintain the DBC1 and DBC2 certification tests for the next few years as well as launching a DBC certification test in September 2019 when we launch the new format. We will update the title on certificates to reflect the new structure, and launch the Digital Behavioral Design Certificate, which blends practice from DBC and EDP, with knowledge of the behavioral design process.
Students who completed DBC1 only
If you completed DBC1 and wanted to take our hands-on design class, DBC2, we have a problem. The content from DBC2 has been divided among the 3-days of DBC. So here’s our offer. We’ll give you the new 3-day DBC course for the price of the 1-day course, which is what you would have paid in the past. We have unlimited upgrade spots online, but there will be a maximum of 5 classroom upgrade spaces.
Blend classroom and online learning
If you completed a classroom course, you can take the same online edition at 60% off. Completed an online course, you’ll get the same classroom course at 30% off. If you want to mix online and classroom training, reach out. We’ll send you an offer at the best rate.
Contact us
If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, reach out: [email protected]


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