I’m seeking examples of cryptocurrency websites/apps that allow users to conduct financial suicide or fail to properly warn users before they experience a guaranteed financial loss.

For example:

  • Not alerting users before they do something that could cause a financial loss
  • Not warnings users when the next button click produces a 100% guaranteed financial loss
  • Warning messages that are too small, greyed out, or not even shown
  • Presenting misleading financial figures that cause users to exercise poor judgement
  • Hiding service fees and transaction costs
  • Misrepresenting high-risk transactions as safe and guaranteed
  • Anything that fails to protect users or act in their interest

I’m not looking for scams, just the most dangerous legitimate crypto or financial products. 

I’ll use the examples in a publication on how UX designers should warn users before they complete transactions that will produce a 100% guaranteed financial loss.

Grateful if you could share the app name, url or plugin, and where to find the dangerous design pattern. 

Share your examples here:


If you have any questions, get in touch: [email protected].

Thank you.



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