Dr. Brian Cugelman will give a four hour workshop for evaluators wishing to understand how Internet research methods, commonly used in the social sciences, can enhance traditional evaluation approaches. The workshop is taking place at the Canadian Evaluation Society’s annual conference, 4-5 October 2010, titled “Optimizing the Practice of Evaluation”.
This workshop will comprise presentations, structured discussions, breakout group exercises, and open question time. It will focus on online indicators, measurement techniques, data sources, and how to integrate online evidence into impact evaluations. These issues will be addressed within the context of several cases studies that will draw from evaluations of Oxfam GB’s global climate change campaign, the United Nations Millennium Campaign, and examples of institutional publication evaluations, coalition website networks, time-series news/web trends, and influence within online debates.
The final presentation will include a web impact assessment of CES’ website in comparison with other evaluation societies. This will be used to initiate discussions on online measurement applications to evaluation.
Issues will be presented at a conceptual level, with the presentation occasionally looking “under the hood” to explain the data and tools used for these analyses.


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